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Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

In Partnership with DisTek® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

  • Applies a uniform, sacrificial, zinc-iron or zinc aluminum alloy coating using a metallurgical vapor diffusion process.
  • Works with Steel, casting and forgings, powder metal and stainless steel.

  • Becomes part of the steel composition. Even after grinding the surface, the product is still protected.
  • Out performs hot dip galvanizing. Pictured above are chains treated with Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing and Hot Dip Galvanizing after 6 months of salt water exposure. Notice how well ArmorGalv® has performed.
  • Flaking is eliminated and threading tolerance issues are greatly reduced.
  • ArmorGalv® is friendlier to the environment.


Pulling in irons insufficient pull out strength and corrosion


Pulling in irons with square heads and stainless

  • Square heads added for additional pull out strength
  • Reduced Strain
  • Stainless steel optional for additional corrosion protection

With Over a century of manufacturing experience and over 3,000 standard parts, Kortick has assembled a great deal of manufacturing knowledge and expertise. Because of this experience, and our expert staff, we’ve established ourselves as the company to come to for your custom parts.

We’ve maintained a nimble manufacturing setup that allows us to make modifications and do short runs that wouldn’t be practical for many of our competitors. Furthermore, with our domestic manufacturing facility in Hayward, CA, we can turn parts around quickly and to the highest quality standards.


Improve performance and reduce your environmental footprint at a competitive price with this superior galvanizing process. Read more about this technology here.

Paints are environmentally friendly, rust converting and water based. Learn about this revolutionary technology here.

One of Kortick’s solutions in the field– a pole top extension bracket. Utility wanted an extension that was safe to climb, guyable, and capable of mounting equipment.

Kortick’s 3 piece pole bands fit a variety of pole sizes while providing much more even tension when tightening.

A guying solution. Our full range clamp provides individual access for up to three guying wires and fits both 2″ and 2.5″ pipes. Competitor stacked designs do not offer the same flexibility and usually require separate clamps for 1 wire, 2 wire, and 3 wire as well as 2″ and 2.5″ pipe.

At left, a section of Kortick Manufacturing’s new solar panels. The facility now generates enough energy to power 28 homes and has greatly reduced their carbon footprint. Learn more here.

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