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As the pioneer Pole Line Hardware manufacturer on the Pacific Coast, we have served the industry for more than a century, building our business and our reputation on Service and Quality. To our customers we express appreciation for making our growth and development possible-both in the past and in the years ahead. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product. Our parts are made to meet many nationally recognized engineering specifications and standards. We also use New Billet Basic Steel of predetermined chemical analysis and physical properties in the grades best adapted for the product to be produced, all rolled to our individual order. So, when you buy Kortick, you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product.


  • Growing domestic manufacturing and employment
  • Environmental stewardship and social responsibility
  • Good business practices
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with distributors to reduce costs and serve the end user utility.


  • Cost competitive product
  • The best and most accessible knowledge in the industry
  • The fastest delivery of product of any manufacturer in our industry
  • Best quality in the industry

These Goals and values are clearly apparent in what we’ve been doing over the last couple of years: Kortick has been a repeat recipient of SMUD’s Power Player award for

“…those firms that distinguished themselves through superior contract performance and by helping SMUD achieve its renewable energy goals and improving service reliability during the previous year.”

In October of 2009 We become the second manufacturing company in the California Bay area to earn the Bay Area Green Certification and are the only Certified Green Pole Line Hardware manufacturer.

Kortick Awards:

Kortick manufacturing is committed to serving our customers with the best quality in the industry and the fastest delivery. We’ve received several awards and hope to earn many more in the years to come.


“During the early 1900’s necessity was the mother of invention. ‘Consultant Engineer’ was not even listed in the phone book. A design engineering staff was unknown. When the power company, or utility company, or telephone company, had a construction ‘problem’ they had to lick it, and fast. Many times Mr. Kortick sat down with the utility construction men, hashed over their problems, and then burned the midnight oil until a solution was found and production could start. In those days, that was all part of the job. Many pole line hardware items used on the coast today were ‘born’ in the Kortick plant in just that way. Over the years many have been redesigned or otherwise improved to meet current load conditions or to adapt them to our more modern and economical.” -1959 Today, we do have engineers on staff but we still take pride in our ability to solve problems quickly. If the solution is a custom part, we get it to manufacturing and deliver it more quickly than anyone else.